Here at Thrive VA, we understand there are occasions in which businesses need support coupled with undivided attention and fast results. 

With a VIP Day, you'll receive a full day of specialized support to help you reach your business goals. Whether that is setting up or completing major updates for a CRM, event support, or an admin day to complete multiple projects in a day; our team is here to support you through these goals.

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Are you a mental health or wellness service provider ready to establish an online presence and systems for your practice? Have you been wanting to set up your professional email, scheduler, cloud services, and online workspace, but don't know where to start or have the time? If so, this is the perfect package for you!

With our Thrive VIP package, we will do the work to get your virtual workspaces up and running.

Packages starting at $700

Thrive Kick-Start VIP

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Is your practice growing, but your existing systems are not growing with you? Do you have clients taking hiatuses from services, but you're having a hard time keeping track of who to circle back with? Are leads coming in, but you're having a hard time consistently nurturing them?

Chances are there are many people who have engaged with your services and would benefit from periodic outreach to remind them that you are the expert in your field and you're available for support. From lead forms, scheduling, client questionnaires and follow up, we set up your online client experience with automations that work for your business.

Our HoneyBook VIP package is here to help your business create or refine your client relationship management systems. We help set-up your Honeybook and other CRM platforms to help automate your business so you can thrive!

Packages starting at $700

HoneyBook VIP

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If you have an upcoming event that needs dedicated support throughout, Thrive VA would love to be of help! Whether this event lasts a day or a week, we have you covered!

From tech support, to moderation, and much more, we'll provide help with the technical areas of your event so you can focus more on the facilitation pieces that need your nurturing. 

Packages starting at $700

Event Support

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Do you have a range of projects or tasks that have a fast turnaround time, but aren't sure you have the time to get them done to your standards? If this sounds like you, our Focused Admin is the perfect package to invest in for your business!

With a focused admin, you receive the undivided attention of our team to fast track through your to-do list with the care, professionalism and quality your business deserves.

Prices starting at $500

Focused Admin VIP