Administrative support



20 hours per month

One 30-minute strategy call per month included

Collaborative Task management tracker in Notion

40 hours per month

one 1-hour strategy call per month included

collaborative task management tracker in Notion

60 hours per Month

Two 1-hour strategy calls per month included

Collaborative task management tracker in Notion

As business owners, we somehow manage to be ALL the things! We’re the CEO, Manager, Customer Service, Bookkeeper, Admin, the list goes on! 

When you carry this many titles and all the duties and responsibilities tied to them, it’s harder to create boundaries around your role and business. 

You start answering emails and doing business-related research late at night for your clients, checking off major tasks that should’ve been done a week, or even a month ago. You may even be taking on big projects when you’re already at your capacity.

Before you know it you’re working literally around the clock and playing catch up every day.

The last thing we want is to start losing the passion and drive for the very thing that sparked joy and enthusiasm in our lives.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above, then it’s time to outsource and bring on an experienced administrator to give you back your time, passion, and drive.

Prices are based on a retainer 




*Strategy calls available to use, but are not mandatory

**Additional hours available at hourly rate of selected package

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